Getting Started with Apex Wallet

The following guides will help you set up your DApp with Apex Wallet. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


Welcome to Apex Developer Documentation! Apex is the world’s best Web3 Wallet, where users manage tokens & NFTs, earn in DeFi, participate in DAOs, and message with other wallets. Apex is currently available as a Chrome Browser Extension. This documentation will illustrate how to integrate your existing dapp with Apex.

You can find the latest version of Apex on the Chrome Webstore or visit our official site.

🏁 Getting Started

🔎 Browser Detection

To verify if the current browser is running Apex, copy and paste the code snippet below into the developer console of your web browser:

if (
  window &&
  window.ethereum &&
   window.ethereum?.isApexWallet ||
   (window.ethereum.providers ?? []).find((p)=>p.isApexWallet)
) {
  console.log('Apex is installed!');


See the full API

You can review the full API for (EIP-1193) window.ethereum object here.

Integrate Apex with Libraries

Common Terms

If you are new to web3, please reference this article for standard Web3 terms.

Best Practices


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