Vision & FAQs


web3 will decentralize ownership, decision-making, and technology to create a better Internet. But this cannot happen if protocols have no way to stay in touch with their users and guide them along the way. Apex solves this problem so that every dapp, DAO, and NFT collection can engage its community actively.

Use Cases

  • DeFi protocol announces v3 with lower fees and more liquidity
  • NFT collection sends a token-verified update about an upcoming live community event
  • DAO notifies its community of an important upcoming governance vote


1. What is the full process to get started?
Intro call, confirm interest, partner approval, test message, launch with live community messages

2. What is required from us?
Mainly adding an Apex option to the wallet connector and a button saying “View Messages” to your website that will open a wallet-authenticated way for any user to see their messages.

3. How does this work once we have access?
You will have a private token to authenticate your ability to send messages. You use that token in the provided user interface, upload a list of recipient addresses, and send a 280 character message. Then all the wallet addresses receive the message in either the wallet or the browser notifications and return to the dapp, DAO, or NFT collection to take the specified action. Repeat.

4. Can any user receive messages?
Yes, whether the user has Apex, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or any other wallet, they can view it.

5. Who is behind this?
The team is anon. Contact us at [email protected] or @walletintern2 on TG.